Manuals - UgCS Commander

UgCS Commander is a simple yet powerful tool designed to simultaneously manage multiple UAVs on automated missions. It works alongside normal UgCS installation and supports most popular drones including DJI as well as other manufacturers and drones based on ArduPilot or PX4 platform. Any drone supported by UgCS can be also used with UgCS Commander.

There are several ways to get support and knowledge about UgCS, UgCS for DJI, UgCS Companion, also UgCS Mapper and UgCS Commander.

Manuals | UgCS


Drone survey mission planning and flight control software. Master your UgCS knowledge with the help of the UgCS User Manual!

UgCS manual »»»

UgCS for DJI

Required to connect DJI drones to UgCS desktop software - (free) Android app.

UgCS for DJI manual »»»

UgCS Companion

Required to be used with M350 when using SkyHub device - (free) Android app.

UgCS Companion manual »»»

Manuals | Other Products

UgCS Mapper

Learn how to stitch multispectral and any other aerial images into one orthomosaic or create maps on the fly.

UgCS Mapper manual »»»

UgCS Commander

To get more detailed information if UgCS Commander can be used for your application scenario.

UgCS Commander manual »»»

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Ask questions, discuss features, get and share useful tips - be in touch with the global community of UgCS drone pilots, including members from SPH Engineering.
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For technical issues, bug reports or suggestions reach out to UgCS Support Team Mo-Fri 09:00-17:00 (GMT+3).