Actions and Options tab

The following commands are in the “Actions” tab (Nr. 1 in the Image):

Reload Vehicle list – will refresh the vehicle list and check for any changes
Load new mission – opens up context menu to change to a different mission
Manual mode – sets the selected vehicles to Manual mode
Adjust last point – sets the last route point of selected vehicles to the current vehicle location
Reboot vehicles – Restart the flight controller to re-initialize all sensors
Exit – Close this menu

In “View” tab button “View server logs” displays the window with UCS Server log messages.

In “Options” tab the “General options” button opens up a window with the following controls:

Command confirm – enables or disables confirmation message before executing each of the commands (“ARM”, “Continue”, etc.)
Command interval – adds time in s (seconds) after which the command will actually be sent to the vehicles (“ARM”, “Continue”, etc.)
Default timeout for command – timeout after which command will be regarded as not
executed or failed
Execute hold before RTL – enables or disables UgCS DDC executing “hold” command
before executing Return to Home command
Host – sets the host IP which to connect to (UCS Server)
Login – sets the login username
Measurement - Sets between Imperial or Metric measurement units

Mission name – displays current mission name, one may change to different mission by
entering different mission name and after restarting UgCS Commander the new mission will
be used
Password – allows to change Users password
Port - allows to change connection port

In “Help” tab buttons “Support” and “Contacts” are located, which lead to according to pages on UgCS website.